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Do You Know Current effective Digital Advertising Trend ?

Now a days, digital gurus are relaying combination five strategies to drive higher brand ROI to kill their competition.   The five strategies are instream video ads, programmatic media buying, data integration, customer re-targeting, dynamic ads, HTML5 ads on mobile devices.  Leading agencies are using advance level of ad serving technologies like Sizmek which enables the agencies to prepare and setup very distinctive and  attractive instream video ad formats like breakout, branded canvas , flim strip to create a greater impact on user to register the advertising message.   Programmatic media buying enables the media agencies to buy valuable impression which is more relevant to specific user for higher conversion. Sizmek DSP is fully integrated with the leading data providers of the industry. If the agencies has prepared dynamic ads and delivering specific ad to user based on his past visit of advertiser site, the results of delivered impression would be more effective. HMTL 5 is creating a big buzz in the digital media industry since major internet audience is using now smart phone mobile devices for the surfing needs.  HTML5 ads are fully supported to mobile devices  and user will have better experience of ad if it is developed in HTML 5. The flash ads are not compatible on mobile devices, user get JPEG on the advertisement slot and mostly agencies does not prepare fall back image with complete storyboard and in result campaign performance does not meet the KPI.