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How to avoid Internet Advertising Fraud ?

In- experienced agencies are wasting the advertising budgets of leading advertisers by relying on Google ad network and other unreliable networks. Many publishers which are partner of Google Ad Network and serving instream video ads using bots and starts ads in automations which leads  to fraud internet advertising. Instream media CPM is very costly and publishers are making money through fraud. On the other hand instream video ads are most effective ad format at this point of time which is driving more than 10% CTR in APAC region. It is strongly advised to all agencies to use Sizmek Peer 39 technology to safe their advertising spend which will enable the advertiser  not to serve instream video ads on those pages, where publisher is using bots or any other techniques which runs the pre roll ad in automation.

That’s why, in this increasingly complex buying environment, data points like Brand Safety, Ad Fraud, Viewability, Context, and Video Player categories are more important than ever—to put you back in control over the quality of inventory you buy.  There’s no reason why you don’t deserve to get what you paid for.