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Rich Banner Development

Rich Banner Development & Ad Bundling up: Save your money and time, get peace of mind, focus on your sales and customer relationship.

Trust us as capable and strong as any in-house digital rich banner development creative operations team- but more agile, easily scalable and exceptionally knowledgeable about the latest rich media interactive ad features and formats that will ensure the best campaign results.

We Create – Engage – Win

With a fine blend of out-of-the-box idea, compelling copy, attractive graphics & animation and cutting edge technology we create interactive rich banners to engage the users with the brand and ultimately win them as customers of the brand.
We always create ads according to the campaign objectives as set by agency like brand interaction rate, dwell rate, dwell time, CTR, sales conversion on site or sales conversion within rich banner.

We have been providing three levels of creative services to full fill the needs of customers. According to your specific requirement, you may approach us by email or by phone during business working hours.

Level 01 : Embed Relevant Ad Server Code into Already Develop Flash Banner 

Embed relevant ad server tags, which includes clicks tracking, impressions tracking, close panel button, auto close panel, auto open panel, panel expansion on mouse over, panel expansion on click, replay, apply custom interactions if required and upload the ads into Sizmek MDX (formerly DG MediaMind) platform or any other ad server platform. In this level of service client will provide the SWF and FLA file, we will place the ad serving platform specific tags into the file to ensure smooth delivery of ads and impressions and clicks tracking.. .

Level 02 : Prepare Interactive Flash Banner According to Given JPEG and Storyboard

In level two, client will provide JPEG, source file, fonts, and storyboard to prepare the rich media or standard or video banner. Our Creative development team will prepare the banner according to the given specifications and brand guidelines. We apply all the essential elements which falls under level 1 to track the impressions, clicks and to ensure the functionality of close panel, auto panel for expandable banner or other functionality of any rich banner or instream video ad. AQ QA team perform the full testing of ad after uploading into the platform, then it is shared with the client.

Level 03 : Prepare Concept Base Flash Banner According to the Campaign Objective

In this level, we prepare the concept according to the ad brief and develop the interactive flash banner once the mock up is approved. We deploy all necessary DG MediaMind code, Doubleclick code or any other ad server codes for tracking purposes into flash file and bundle up the ad into Ad Serving platform after doing complete ad testing.

We are born rich media expert

Our creative team is exceptionally innovative, highly skilled and well experienced to create interactive rich media ads according to the brand values, tone and personality to attract the user for brand engagement and persuade them for conversion.

Our creative team knows how to set up and create the rich media expandable banner, floating banner with ad reminder, data capture, MP3, gaming, map in banner, video slow motion, dimmer, dynamic, smart versioning, chat in banner, SMS push banner, push down banner, social ads, widget ads, side kick, polite banner, video streaming ad, pre–rolls ad, high definition video ad, home page take over ad, wallpapers ad, skinner and EB TV ad formats.

We are the most economical

While outsourcing rich media development to us you will be getting competitive quality at very economical rates. On account of inexpensive and easily available human capital in our country we are in a position to offer you high quality work at incredibly economical rates.

One rich media creative asset costs you approx US$3000 to US$4000 and each subsequent ad unit costs 50% of the first banner development. We offer saving of thousands of dollars per campaign. Furthermore your overhead charges will also be reduced drastically. You will be in a better position to negotiate and seal the deal with your clients at better rates for other media services.

When it’s about rich media? We do it all.

You will provide us with just creative brief of the campaign you intend to launch. Rest of the job is ours. We will suggest the appropriate ad format according to the brief and create interactive rich banner to achieve the desired KPI like brand interaction rate, dwell rate, dwell time, CTR, sales conversion on site or sales conversion with in banner.

We know how to set up and bundle up rich media ads for better execution in MediaMind, Double Click, Pointroll, etc. We always set custom interactions to determine the user behavior within banner.

We are efficient Ad Bundler

Our creative team will attach the approved ads within 1 to 2 hours according to the media plan and send placement tags to publisher to make the campaign live on time. Alternatively, we will pass on the ad ID to media agency / advertiser so that they can attach the ads as per specific need.

Campaign Landing Page

We recommend the development of a customized landing page on advertiser’s website for live campaign. For each product/service there can be an independent landing page.

Micro site for specific campaign

We always recommend to launch micro website for the specific campaign for better branding and display interactive features according to core product performance related functions, brand value and brand personality. We add customer centric attributes that marry with the brand positioning.

We are the specialist of Facebook & Twitter Applications

Our creative and PHP development teams are capable to build interactive Facebook application for viral advertising.
A live sample of our work can be visited by clicking on the following links.

Project delivery process and timeline

After receiving creative brief, we submit the creative concept with JPEG visuals in two days. Once the mock up is approved, we start development. Average time for development of the creative is 2 to 3 days. One day is required for testing. Then we submit the ads for your approval. If there are some changes, one day is for minor changes. Again after testing and quality assurance process the ad is submitted to advertiser/ agency for final approval. After approval, we attach the ads with respective placement according to the approved media plan and send the tags to publishers or ask the media agencies to send the tags to publisher in order to make the campaign live.

Meeting tight deadlines is not new to us

We are capable to deliver rich media ads within 3 to 4 working days according to the ad brief. Furthermore we are in the business of making impossible possible. We manage sleep free 24/7 working to get the job delivered at least a minute ahead of deadline.

We are always alert

Our dedicated campaign analysts’ team continuously monitors your campaign performance as KPI set by you at ad level. Analysts do the campaign optimization on fly if required according to the campaign objectives. This task is performed by us if your media agency is not taking care of this.

We are accountable

At eTechsol we are responsible if creative asset does not deliver the anticipated results. We monitor the campaign performance at ad level and ad format level. If there is any modification required in banner, we do the change on fly with the consultation of advertiser. We are strict about professional ethics before launch of the campaign, your creative asset will remain confidential and privacy will be maintained at all levels. Your ads performance analytics will not be shared with any 3rd party.

We are scalable

With more than 40 creative people on board in your local time zone, we provide the scale needed to match your creative requirements within stipulated time frame.

We are highly responsive

We are one email away from you. We will be available online and give you prompt service by email, phone, fax during your working hours.

We are intelligent problem solver

Our creative team has all the mandatory skills in Flash, HTML, PHP, Action Script 2 and 3 and third party tags for ad testing before attaching the ad to placements. Our staff’s combined industry experience from interactive ad agencies, online publishers, ad serving companies and software/technology companies, enables our team to quickly analyze and resolve your ad operations issues as they arise.

Our Marketing Copywriters

At eTechsol a pool of our creative copywriters determine the most effective creative hook and create unique selling propositions for the assigned promotions. They write ad copy putting their finger on target audience’s pulse and keeping in mind the brand values and personality.

We minimize your risk

Outsourcing your rich media banner development job to us means that you will no longer need to worry about professionals’ hunting, hiring, training and retaining.

Rich Banner Development Clientele

  • Descon
  • Dalda
  • Motorola
  • Orient
  • PEL
  • Pizza Hut
  • T Mobile
  • Telenor
  • Treet Corporation Limited
  • UFone
  • Warid Telecom
  • Wateen Telecom
  • witribe
  • WWF
  • Zong